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What Is CTAP Online?

Technology Resources
CTAP Online provides a wealth of resources to support classroom teachers including:
  • Lesson Plan Builder tool to locate, create and share standards-based lessons;
  • Standards databases containing content and challenge standards, ELD standards, California Standards for the Teaching Profession, Technology Standards, and more;
  • Webliography tool to locate and share useful web resources, and discussion forums to communicate with other teachers;
  • Discussion Forums to communicate in groups with other educators.

CTAP Online is a site devoted to helping teachers understand, apply and teach technology in their classrooms. Our course catalog offers courses in personal proficiency skills, technology integration in curriculum, information literacy, standards, assessment and more. CTAP Online courses can be taken entirely online, administered in a face-to-face setting, or any combination of the two. We also provide ongoing Mentor and Site Administrator workshops at the Butte County Office of Education and individual school, district and county offices. For more information on the Mentor and Site Administrator workshops, go to: Staff Development Page

We believe that collaboration and interaction are important to the learning process. In this regard, teachers online have access to threaded discussion boards that allow interaction with others teaching the same grade level or subject. Photo and bio pages allow teachers to learn more about their fellow CTAP Online participants. Online tools help teachers identify their CTAP Online Mentor, request a review of their lesson plans and communicate via email with teachers throughout the state.