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CTAP Online Web Accessibility Statement

CTAP Online is continually making efforts to facilitate web accessibility for everyone. We redesigned this site to meet the new ADA 508 compliance regulations. 508 compliant refers to a section of the amended Americans with Disabilities Act of 1998, which sets forth regulations pertaining to accessibility standards for information technology, including web sites.

The Access Board (or 'Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board') oversees these regulations, which are effective for contractors supplying IT products and services under federal contracts signed on or after June 21, 2001.

Our site uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), complies with accessibility standards, ensures quick load time, and enables people using assisted technologies to access our site materials.

Your comments and opinions are important to us and will provide valuable information regarding how CTAP Online can better accommodate individuals with disabilities.

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Additional information regarding web accessibility: